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Calacatta verde, a white marble

Calacatta Verde, a white marble from China quarry.

Character: Green or dark green veining with white background

Veining range: from Thin, light veins to heavy dark veins on the blocks

Thickness: 2cm, 3cm slabs

Close up picture:

Calacatta verde 12.jpg

This type of marble(Calacatta Verde) from our owned quarry, hand select raw material and choose preferred quality blocks, cut into slabs at the factory. According to the quality of blocks,  the slabs show various vein textures. Slabs from the same blocks can creat a mirrored look, called bookmatching. You need it, we do it.

Calacatta verde marble is suitable for both interiors and exteriors application, including commercail building and residential projects.

Choosing marble stone means searching a uniqueness, green veins contrast with the beauty white background, it is worthy to your design. Using Calacatta verde gives your design a timeless and natural landsape feeling.

Feel it again:

Calacatta Verde 11.jpg

More slabs photos you can see from the page: Calacatta verde