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Eastern White MARBLE: Lower Price equals to High Quality?

Eastern White marble from China quarry with white beauty view:

(also called Oriental White, White Statuary)

Eastern White marble.jpg

How do you think about this amazing white surface of Eastern White marble?

Maybe the first question is how much. When it comes to price, there it is: Does Lower price equals to High quality? Absolutely NOT!

In some degree, the brutal price is under way in natural stone field, but i want to say no one is the winner in this battle. If you ever experienced, these things must already be noted:

 1. Quality were not the best standard

 2. Delivery time can not be guarantee

 3. Service was poor and worrying

The worst thing maybe from your customers' complain on marble stone while they did not get the right stone at the right time.

It is important for natural stone purchasing: Look out and Think over

But to all our customers, we cherish each guy and treat as long term business partners, not a one-time deal cheat. Cooperate with respect and honesty, produce the right quality level marble, high inspection details, professional stone quality inspectors (also welcome your own inspectors team). We do what we said, all can see from the great relationship with current customers.

If you are experts in natural stone field, especially marble, that's great. We know how to cooperate with you well on marble details, packages, delivery time, shipping process, email communication. Specific guys are in charge of each process.

If you are new, just step into natural stone field, do not worry. We are your strong support in new marble stone sourcing, how to pack tile/mosaic well, how to ship timely... Every issues in importing from marble itself to delivery part, we can solve at your side.

Not only Eastern White marble mentioned here, but also other types of natural stone

You just need

I'm just right

Mountain Stone team is ready here

Eastern white marble mosaic.png


                                                                                     - Eastern white mosaic tile