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What Is Natural Thin Stone Veneer?

Natural Stone Thin Veneer is an eco-friendly genuine slate that split and sawn in about 20-35mm thickness, this makes thin stone veneer much lighter than traditional stone facings, only approximately 14 lbs per square foot, easy to ship and install.

Usually in the color ranges: black, grey, green, yellow, rustic. Providing beauty and decorative appeal to the surface of projects in interior and exterior of any home and commercial buildings. Natural stone thin veneer, no 2 pieces exactly the same in size, shape and surface making each piece unlike each other.

Thin venner stone also called:

¡öthin veneer

¡östone veneer

¡önatural thin stone veneer

¡östone panels

¡östone claddings

¡östone layers

¡öwall panels

¡öwall slate

¡öwall cladding

¡öwall facing

¡öwall layer

¡öwall wrap

¡ömushroom wall stone

¡ödecorative stoneimage 1.jpg

It's a ideal choice for wall, coloums, fireplaces, kitchens, chimneys, gateways, patios with low maintenace for a lifetime, and allowing you to avoid all endless re-painting every few years.