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Use Grey Marble To Create Home-decorating

White marble is the main color in modern home decoration and more commercial buildings, widely used and popular for centuries. But designers, architects are searching new element, adding new fresh water into. Nobody directly predict who will be the main color trend. Grey marble can not sure to be the next fashion hue, but it is on the way. It is low-key but fashion and mysterious. More people choose grey marble in recnet years, used in mall, entryway, flooring, wall, steps, shower surround, countertop, dining room etc.

Gorgeous grey marble, from natural earth, come out with unique and featured veining, presents the delicate texture, is also a big part among natural stone. Grey series ranges widely, mainly dark grey and light grey. It is darker than white, lighter than white, but the nature endow grey marble its mysterious beauty and colorful style, such as Bardiglio grey, Athens grey, Grey woodvein, Temple grey and so on.

grey marble.jpg

If you are looking for novelty feeling before decorating home, consider to try grey hues, shine at the moment. It's a fresh element to traditional white hues, inspite grey is cool color, it will make your space plain but not dull, easy to improve the whole style of your home.

grey marble floor.jpg